Getting into law is hard. It's easier with friends.

A community supporting you to enter a career in law. Join our remote co-working sessions, expert office hours, in-person meet-ups and more.

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Hosted co-working sessions with other aspiring lawyers

Stay motivated to make progress with your applications by working with others.

An active and supportive online community

Share your questions, your tips and your successes, and get responses from other aspiring lawyers on the same journey.

Office hours with someone who's done it before

Speak to trainees and junior lawyers who have been through the application process before and raise any specific questions that you have directly.

I went through four years of applications before breaking into law

I sent my first application for a vacation scheme in my second year of university.From then, it took me four years to get my first vacation scheme.I found the process tough. But not because it was hard to get information or do better research.The hardest part for me was staying motivated. After every rejection, I was more convinced that it wasn't going to happen for me.But, eventually, it did. And if it was only because I persevered.That's why I started FlowHuddle - a community to keep you going alongside people with the same goal as you.Trying to get into law can be tough. But with a support group, it's easier.

Idin Sabahipour
Founder of FlowHuddle


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